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Bearded with Boys

Our Christmas Dad Feature

On the third day of Advent, the DADvent calendar brings a Bearded dad with Boys!

So from someone that’s been around a few years, it took a real sense of a need to start blogging.

What encouraged you to start blogging?

Since becoming a Dad, I realised that Dads don’t get the same support as mothers, so I started my blog to encourage Dads that they matter too and also to show that sometimes parenting sucks and we all cock it up from time to time.

We all cock it up sometimes especially around Christmas time 🙂 Talking of Christmas, are you a lover or a Grinch?

Always been a Christmas Lover but even more so now that I have children. (I still believe in Santa)

Based on your profile picture, it looks like you still work for him ssshhhh. So what’s your favourite movie?

Santa Claus: The Movie, with Dudley Moore.

An alltime classic and what a legend Dudley Moore was. So what do you want in Santa’s sack?

Just the usual stuff like spending time with family, peace on earth etc and a Sage barista express coffee machine.

With 2019 only a month away, have you made your 2019 goals already?

I’m going to focus more on my blog, start doing some collaborations, regular content etc. Hopefully do more family support work too.

We’re always open to more collaborations so I hope 2019 gives you everything you want. Family support posts are always well received.

Thanks for the interview and have a great Christmas. Be sure to check him out here: If you’re interested in taking part in our DADvent Calendar, email

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Diary of the Dad

Our Christmas Dad Blogger Tom

2nd Dad of Dadvent is Tom from Diary of the Dad, an obscure reference to a zombie film that I’ve seen Dawn of the Dead. I defo felt like a zombie in my first few years of parenthood.

I’m a big supporter of Tom and what he does so it was great to find out a bit more about why he became an online dad.

I wanted to create a record of family life and also saw it as a good way of seeing whether people liked my musings with a view to writing a book. That was eight years ago and the blog has taken off in such a big way that, even if I never write the book, I’m happy.

Are you a Christmas lover or a Grinch?

I’m a bit of both really. I love the actual day and the last week or so before it, but hate that the build-up starts so early. I’ve promised to be less Grinchy about it this year though so I’ll be making more of an effort to share other people’s enthusiasm.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Die Hard. We always watch it on Christmas Eve while wrapping up the last few presents.

As the debate of wether, it’s really a Christmas film goes on (in my eyes it is), what do you really want for Christmas?

A second EU referendum. Failing that, Football Manager 2019.

Controversial! that’s a debate for a whole different time. So what does 2019 hold for you, assuming the world doesn’t end after Brexit 🙂

I’m doing a 40 before 40 challenge so will be doing loads of things I’ve never got round to. Along with family life and other blogging stuff, it ought to keep me on my toes!

For all nearly new dads, here’s one to watch from Tom and if you’re looking for a great Dad Blogger, here’s his site


Thanks, Tom please comment below and follow him and as always, if you’re a Dad of having an amazing dad who you would like to get involved, email me on

Christmas Dad Bloggers

DIY Daddy

Nigel the Christmas Gift

My first featured Dad of Christmas is not only now a friend but one of the first blogger’s to give me a hand up in this busy world.

Let me introduce you to Nigel and here’s our Christmas Q&A:

Hey Nigel, tell me a bit about yourself:

I’m Nigel and I have an awarding winning daddy blog called DIY Daddy. I’m a painter and decorator, and just over 4 years ago I had an accident at work and broke my wrist. This meant that I couldn’t work for quite a while. My wife has always said that I should start a dad blog. After about a week at home, boredom had firmly set in so I started a blog and DIY Daddy was born! The rest as they say is history!

What’s your stance on Christmas, are you a lover or a hater?

This is a no-brainer! I love Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year without question. Being with my children and family is what it is all about so i’m definitely a Christmas lover.

I’m starting to love Christmas and I must say the Grinch is one of my favourites. How about yourself?

Home Alone! It’s easily still my favourite. I have lost count how many times I have watched it. I guess I always wanted to be Kevin, haha!

All you want for Christmas is ………?

Not a lot! Just to be around my family and watch my six year old twin girls open their presents on Christmas morning. That’s the magic of Christmas for me.

What does 2019 hold for you?

I have never been one to make new resolutions or plans. I tend to take it as it comes, what will be will be.

However, 2019 is going to be a little bit different for me as my health this year has not been good. As such I have decided to slow down just a little bit, both as a painter and decorator and as a blogger. Other than that I don’t have any plans.

Thanks to Nigel and if you’d like to follow his amazing blog, you’ll find a link to it here:

If you’d like to take part and be a featured dad, email me on


Merry Christsmas

Blogging with Feeling

2018 with Four Seasons Dad

My Year that Never Was

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It’s the 1st of January and after what was on the whole, one of the worst Christmases ever, I’m pleased to welcome in 2018.

With a year filled with amazement, development, achievements, pain, work and adventure (ignore the disappointment) I’m really excited to be broadening my blogging outlet with the partnership between Four Seasons Dad and Corporate Dad.

Blogging has been a phenomenal outlet for me to write about my day to day life, the balance between work and family and experience amazing trips and review cool products. It’s been incredible and Corporate Dad has been a great platform to share my experiences with my readers. All 25,000 of them. Amazing view stats for me throughout 2017.

Since becoming a blogger I’ve struggled to find my niche and what I’ve enjoyed doing/writing about the most. There’s been some posts that I love, especially around IVF and the posts around becoming a new dad. There’s been lots of posts that I haven’t wrote though, especially around our days out and when we get the opportunity to do things amazing.

So thinking about who I was as a father and the type of site I’d like to put my time and effort into, in addition to Corporate Dad, it had to be one about adventure. It needs to be one that others can contribute too. It needs to be one based around activities and very easy to navigate and finally, it needs to be simple.

It’ll be a site built up throughout the year with some of my relevant posts from Corporate Dad sprinkled in and then new posts added as we pass through 2018.

So based on this was formed and it’ll be a site that’s growing gradually posting and documenting our adventures, around the seasons, and as a platform for any other dads that want to contribute.

I won’t let Corporate Dad go to ruin don’t worry! I’ll just be spreading my time and energy across both sites.

So for now, keep your eyes open and I hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.