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Teaching My Daughters Golf

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I used to play golf for a living, making money from teaching others how to swing a big metal stick, and hit a small rubber ball.

Sounds ridiculous, but I loved it and I was amazing. Had a really good knack for understanding the swing of a pupil and taking it apart.

I’d spend hours upon hours practising, support my friends in their aims of turning professional and passing on lessons and tips when I could.

Unfortunately due to an injured shoulder, I was put out of action and had to take a back seat while others got better.

15 years on and I enjoy a good game but it’s my opportunity to pass on my passion to my youngest (Beth was a natural but didn’t have the interest).

So last weekend, we took the smallest of golf clubs down to the local pitch and putt to have a lesson from me 🙂


As you can see, we’ve had an amazing time and it was difficult as first to lay down some ground rules.

The ability to stand in the right place, how to hold the golf club not to get hurt and of course, how to respect the golf course, green and others playing.

But most of all, how to have fun!

We kicked the balls onto the green to understand how they roll, we both held the club to share the feeling of swinging and the direction and Dorothy stood on my feet to align herself.

And we laughed, like you wouldn’t believe. Roll around the floor laughing.

Wether she becomes a professional like her Dad, I hope we share other days playing and sharing memories around my passion.

What sports did you play and what would you like your children to take up and why?

Comment below and be part of the story.

Phill Palmer
Phill Palmer
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Our Day At Alt Studio

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As I move through my galleries as I re-build my websites I find gems that I feel compelled to share.

Not necessarily in an effort to boast, but as a way of remembering the fun we’ve had as we’ve grown older, and wiser (some say!).

As we approach our 7th year of being married (I know!), we also hit our hardest time in our lives. But I’ll speak for myself, I’m pretty happy with US.

Life is a challenge and it’s how you react to those challenges that make or break you. The ability to comprehend what’s happening, deal with it and move forward only comes from experience.

It’s important to remember where you are in life and the best way is to look back at what you’ve done.

These experiences teach you and can should act as internal support to decisions.

I’ve found they keep my compass pointing North. My family keep me grounded, give me strength when I need it and are there when I feel weak.

Who Makes You | ?

So thanks to Alt Studio all the way back to 2013. These beautiful images are a reminder of where we’ve come from in our lives, the fun we’ve had getting here. It was a unique experience and as you can see, we absolutely made the most of it!

My wife is the love of my life and it’s a happy 10 years together (back in March) and with our 7 years married in April, we’re only at the beginning of our lifelong journey.

Share the love, who makes your world? Comment below, like and share to show them how much they mean to you.


Sleeping with the Monsters

When it’s Bedtime!

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Sleeping as a child is something you do when you drop and not a moment before.

They don’t want to miss out on the excitement or fun of being around a world where they are learning every day and parents are so cool! Mega cool!

Add on to that the “Monsters” that lurk around at night and make it impossible to sleep, of course!

So what do we do as parents?

I’ve gotten a number of suggestions from my fellow dad friends, from magic monster spray to light saber battles with them. Knowing Dorothy, this will only get her super excited. “Defo no sleep!”

Dorothy’s always been an amazing sleeper. Just look at her face.

So I asked her and we made an agreement. The next time mummy wasn’t home I’d sleep in her room to keep her safe.

And that’s what we did.

On Saturday afternoon Dorothy tried to have a danger nap at 5 and I wouldn’t let her. No one’s ruining our plan not even her.

We watched Christmas films and PJ Masks (oh she loves PJ Masks), we ate popcorn, enjoyed each other’s company and then we got ready to bed. Well I say bed, my bed was a sleeping bag.

This is one of my favourites as it’s a rectangle XL bag big enough for the two of us if we go camping and it’s able to be connected to the other bag to be big enough for the whole family.

So as we both settle (I didn’t), I put on some soothing music and spoke to her about sleeping peasefully and she asked me to put my arm around her while she drifted off.

And she slept like a baby should, all the way to 6am where she woe up and asked to join me on the floor, where we snuggled until 9:30! That’s ridiculous.

Now as for me, my back wasn’t great and bloody hell it got chilly at one point in the night. The clothes on the radiator created a great barrier to my comfort.

But overall it was fine, not something I’d do every night and defo not something I’d do on a “school night” but for one night I was her hero when it was easier to just go to bed.

If I’d left, when she woke at 6am, she wouldn’t have trusted me again.

At least I have that.


I’m Not a Corporate Dad Anymore

After Losing My Job, It’s Time to Face Up to the Fact

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I’ve made a decision that I could regret but it feels like a really good thing to do.

If you’ve been following me online, you’ll have known that I’ve been Corporate Dad for over two and a half years now. Enjoying writing about life as a dad, days out and work/business.

Unfortunately, I’ve been made redundant just before Christmas and had time to reflect on myself and my family life.

I’ve come up with the fact that I don’t like being called a Corporate Dad. It means long days, time away from home and that’s not the parenting I want for my children.

Four Seasons Dad, is a site I created because it was the kind of dad I wanted to be. A dad that is there 24/7, having fun and adventures whenever possible, wherever possible come rain or shine.

That’s why today I announce, that Four Seasons Dad will be my main blog and I’ll be changing all of my social media accounts to Four Seasons Dad ones.

I may live to regret this from my readers, social media followers and clients that I’ve worked with. However, if you don’t love how you write how can readers love writing it.

Thanks for supporting me and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. I hope you keep with me, supporting my desire to be the best parent I can be.