Co-Sleeping & No-Sleeping


As a father of two, being a dad to Beth from the age of 6 meant that Mrs P had pretty much sorted the whole sleeping thing. She had her own bedroom and despite the odd goodnight book reading, having to tell her to turn the lights off and laugh as she read under the covers in torchlight.

Things are very different now with Dorothy though and it’s starting to become very tiring, in more sense than one.

You see Dorothy has a reluctance to sleep in her own bed and has taken up residence in our bed and it’s been nearly three and a half years, and it doesn’t look like it’s changing soon.


I wrote about this a long time ago when I wrote sleeping with the Monsters here: https://www.fourseasonsdad.com/2018/12/10/sleeping-with-the-monsters/ I tried my best with sleeping on the floor with Dorothy to keep away the ‘Monsters!’ I confirmed there were no monsters there but unfortunately I found the good ol’ bad back easily enough.

Unfortunately there is a few mixed messages coming from our little princess, the dark, monsters still, general noise from outside and of course the shadows! Oh how the shadows really cause a stir!

So we’re in a predicament that really doesn’t suit our family life or wedded life!

Mrs D who’s struggling with her Elos Danlos Syndrome, really needs a lot of support with her hips and sleeping two adults and a pro-active octopus in one double bed doesn’t make for a peaceful night’s sleep. For anyone apart from the octopus!

This whole debacle starts at bedtime where one of us will take her up and settle down with quite a few times, we’ll also drift off. Throughout the night there’s a whole load of kicking, wake-ups for drinks and the occasional middle of the night wee journey (not just me!)


So we’re stuck. We don’t just want to put her in her bedroom and hear her cry herself to sleep. We also don’t want her to do anything that’s going to make her frightened and to go asleep scared to death. I know when I was a youngen I was so scared of the dark and my parents had no quarrels watching horror films. This would cause me endless nights of hiding under the duvet.

It’s not a bit of the parenting past something I want to pass on.

So what do you think we can do? Have you suffered from the same issue or have any suggestions! I think bribery may be our only choice.