A Lovely Review from Pip and Blossom

Who doesn’t love the Sea!

One of the joys of having your own blog and getting invited to awesome places is sharing them with friends and this is no different. Our first write up by Pip and Blossom is of one of our favourite days out in Manchester at the Sea Life Centre, Trafford Centre.


I love the SeaLife Centre, Manchester. We’ve been before and I was made up to be given the chance to visit again.


Despite the centre being quite crowded over the summer holidays, it was still a relatively calm experience getting into the centre. The staff were exceptionally helpful and friendly, even when Pip was the only one who wanted a photograph taken in front of a green screen. Here’s a tip for the future, green screen photos don’t work when you’re wearing a green dress!

There’s a certain underwater, dreamlike quality as you step into the first room. The first attraction is a talk about sea turtles, this was amazing, the man working there is very engaging and the children were held spellbound as they watched the turtle lay her eggs in the sand. It’s a wonderful start to the whole experience.


It’s a wonderful place to visit with small children, there are tunnels and viewing spaces created at just the right sizes for them to crawl into and hide in. There is an ethereal blue light which flows throughout the building and this, coupled with the giant viewing windows, really gives the feeling of being underwater. Despite having a treasure hunt sheet the children were just too fascinated by the sealife, and who wouldn’t be? 

We even met a mermaid! There was only a slight disappointment that we couldn’t see the mermaid show, as we visited on a weekday, but that was soon forgotten. 

The SeaLife Centre isn’t just a beautiful place to visit, it’s also really informative. There are displays on plastic waste, and on all the marine life they have within the aquarium. 

They also have a soft play area, which we did brave, but only for a few minutes. No matter where you are there is nothing fun about soft play in summer! Unless you’re two of course.

It was warm, and there were a lot of people in the centre (which is to be expected in the summer holidays). They managed this well however, and it never felt overcrowded or overwhelmingly hot. The downside is that there’s not a lot of room to get about, so if you can possibly leave the pram in the car or at home then do so. There’s also nowhere to eat in SeaLife, so take that into consideration when you’re planning your visit.


We had an amazing afternoon and want to thank the Sea Life Centre and Phill for giving us the opportunity to review. Take into account what we’ve mentioned and have a great time!