I Got Hacked – BAD!

Let me take you back to the start of my blogging world which actually takes you back to my dear wife Rachel’s blog Vintage Folly about 8/9 years ago. Vintage Folly is no more and nearly Corporate Dad, Marvellous Mrs P, my business sites and this glorious blog was about to be lost to hackers determined to re-direct our visitors, corrupt our files, and our blogging hosts didn’t want to know about it.

The Impact On Our Websites

We were literally considering giving everything up for good. All those years spent building, sharing our thoughts and dreams, lost in an instant, not knowing how and what to do that’ll actually work.

What Did Our Hosts Do?

Bear in mind I’d prepaid our hosts for two years, with boosted Private Servers and full backups. They wanted to charge me, £249 per website, just to wind back the servers. They weren’t going to clean the sites. They just recommended changing all passwords (which I did all the time!)

The hosting company sounded like they cared but didn’t really follow through. We first recognised the problem when Vintage Folly was running really slow and 1000s of processes were running every hour. Once discovering the first website had issues, they reset the server and everything kinda worked.. The second time I had to completely rebuild the site from scratch. 6 years worth of work and all I had was unlinked images and a PHP database. They said to me that there was no way the malwear could get through to my other sites, which were on the same server. NOTE TO SELF. If your house is on fire and you live in a terrace, chances are your neighbours will get burnt too. Just like that, all the websites got infected. I mean all of them, without nothing that we could solve, didn’t know the fault and they didn’t want to help.

What Did 34SP.com Do?

We met 34SP at BlogOn in 2018 and it was the usual meeting with any hosting provider. Let me show you how it went.

  • We can sort your website

  • We’ll get rid off all the malware

  • We’ll have you up and running very quickly

  • It won’t cost you anything to transfer and you can get a free trial.

  • I can’t remember much past that!

It Felt Like the Same BS which I've Heard Before!

I’m not going to lie it didn’t sound like anything new. Just the same old BS that you get told when anyone wants to sell to you. Red flags were going off. However we literally didn’t have any choice. Our blog views were massively getting hit, Google had flagged a site as BAD and we were at the end of our tethers. Really what did we have to lose?

They Went and Did What They Said They Were Going to Do!

I’m not being paid to write this but they bloody went and done it. All of it! I had someone called Keith ask me for my server details and he did the rest. On transfer they cleaned all of the websites, it wasn’t a pain in the backside (apart from me not telling them about a subdomain whops!), and it was all done in staged moments throughout the week. Oh without me losing anything! 

I’m not joking they saved my sanity, hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of additional costs and most of all the websites are running a dream.

They’re running so fast I can make the website look like I want to. Image driven gorgeousness!

Thank Your 34SP.com

We owe you a lot and I want to say a massive thank you to Liam, Daniel, Alex and of Course Keith. Thank you for BlogOn for inviting them to attend the awesome event the first time and saving my blogging life. Literal blog saving but most of all, keeping the business websites up, working and keeping food on the table.

This was not a paid for article, I bloody love these guys! Please share the article with anyone looking for hosting support and advice.