Protecting my Intellectual Property

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I’m getting serious P***ED off now!

I understand that creating an online life is interesting to others, and sharing personal events, feelings and thoughts can be read by others when I share it. I get that and that is why I started this and why I hope others enjoy reading my content. But there’s a line and it’s been crossed, many times and I’ve really had enough and it is going to ruin some content.

Let me explain more what this picture on the right means.

Twice my social media accounts have been copied and not only are they using my picture for the social media profile, but this profile above used pictures of me and my daughter to pretend they were an amazing dad. Now just imagine that for a second.

Take away all the personal feeling about someone using my pictures, of me and my daughter. Now think about the reasons why someone would do this? Why would you use a profile of someone elses dad/daughter relationship?

It’s frightening to think about why someone would do this and I’ve got a couple of stories for you that have happened to me over the past year or so. Two seperate women have contacted my wife to say that my profile picture has been used on dating sites to try and con these women out of money.  WTF! 

Now I’m flattered that they saw my image and felt that it could be used to con women, however these poor ladies that have either been duped or conned makes me really sad. 

So what am I going to do?

The first thing I’ve done is to watermark all of my new images and I hate doing it. The pictures weren’t created to be watermarked to send people back to my sites. They were created to create joy, share our event or the feelings that we shared in moments of extreme joy. I’m also seriously going to have to think about the photos I put online in future. I’ve activated a no right click on Corporate Dad blog however, we all know a screenshot can always be taken so it’s no real way of stopping anyone.


So this is something that I’ve been going through at the moment and at one point I got so frustated I considered just stopping. Now bear in mind I’ve got very few followers and views compared to others so I can only image what they are going through and level of copyright and social account cloning..

It suppose it’s one of those crap things that happen when you become an online influencer.


For peace of mind, that account has been reported and taken down completely.