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A Dream Round at the Brabazon, Belfry

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Playing the Brabazon at the Belfry

When opportunity strikes you take advantage of it and when it’s an opportunity to play on a course that brings back so many memories, there’s no twisting of arms here.

Thanks to work and a very generous CEO, I got to play one of my all time favourite courses at The Belry. The #Brabazon is a course that’s featured in so many #Rydercup competitions throughout the years and a course that brings back personal memories too.

This was the venue of my #PGA residency all those years ago, where I’d learn how to change shafts, teach children how to play golf, golf course management and also the etiquette of being a professional golfer.

It’s the course I remember fondly as my personal home of golf and it was amazing to be back, if only for a few hours.

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What's The Brabazon?

Why choose that course when there’s three at the Belfry?

Situated just along the M6 toll, the Belfry hosts three amazing courses each having their own charm and challenges. The Derby, PGA National and the world famous Brabazon.

It’s also the home of the Professional Golfers Association in the UK and an awesome nightclub called The Bel Air, but that’s for another time 🙂

The Derby playing at just over 6000 yards, is a par 71 course featuring well placed bunkers and water to give you a challenge without the huge drives. It’s a thinkers course and if you think you’ll smash it round, you need to think again.

The PGA National takes it up a level with a 6200 off the yellows but this is a true test of golf. There are some long holes with an American feel to the layout and the need to fly the ball. People say this is the best course at the Belfry for the golfer but for the dreamer, the Brabazon is the one you want to play.

This leads us onto the masterpiece that is the Brabazon.

Featured on many a TV around the world and home to the famous 10th hole (pictured left). This course offers many opportunities to find water, use your sandwedge to play out sideways and stuns with it’s beauty. Did I also mention it’s a real challenge with some huge holes but also rewarding with some get able Par 5’s. 6400 yards of beauty make this a Par 71 and a test for anyone.

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View from the Course

Isn't this a Beautiful Golf Course

It's Not Just About Golf

Amazing Course, Great Company

It's Not Just About Golf

My Final Thoughts

We played great, both Stuart and I. We didn’t let the occasion get to us and thoroughly enjoyed the game of golf, the course and the venue. 

The course was in superb shape and it gave me a glimpse of what I’ve been missing. I’ve been missing the glitz and glamour that playing great golf brings and the Belfry didn’t neglect in it’s duties. I want to go back tomorrow, and the day after that too.

Unfortunately, my council run golf course doesn't quite feel the same any more 🙂
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