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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Clare and Maddie Visit the Show

Clare and Maddie Visit the Show

Clare visit’s The Caterpillar Show at St Helens Theatre Royal, to take Maddie to one of her favourite stories!

I think the best testament I can give about this show is that two “wild child” two-year olds sat through the whole performance, mesmerised by the puppets, bright colours, clever use of lighting and lovely storytelling.

There wasn’t a lot of information available about the show on the theatre’s website, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mentally prepared myself to physically restrain my daughter in order to get through the show, however I was pleasantly surprised. The show started promptly and lasted around 45 minutes, which is a good length for little ones, however it did leave me wanting more as it was so enjoyable.

I’ll admit that I have only read one of the four stories covered (I know, shame on me!) so I won’t include too many spoilers on the contents of each. From looking at the official website it looks like the stories covered vary by location.

  • The first story was Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The children, and the adults, in the audience loved joining in with the story and were in awe of the puppets. I’m sure I’d read that it was hand puppets, so I was expecting Punch and Judy style……… I was so wrong! There were awesome puppets of all sizes.
  • Next was 10 Little Rubber Ducks which again captivated the crowd and had them joining in at any given opportunity. Great chance for the little ones to practice their counting, shouting along and getting excited!
  • The third story was The Very Lonely Firefly which told a tale of friendship. Do not be put off if you’re unfamiliar with the tales as it really doesn’t detract from the experience.
  • The last story was the main event for the whole audience, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. There were gasps and wide eyes from everyone as the story unfolded and familiar parts of the tale were acted out. I love this story and think the cast did a great job in bringing it to life.

We had a wonderful time enjoing the educational and fun stories of Eric Carle.

Seeing how much Maddie enjoyed it has certainy made me think about more theatre trips, especially now she has proved that she is capable of sitting through a performance without being bribed with copious amounts of chocolate.

Ticket prices at St Helens Theatre Royal were £18 adult, £17 concessionary and £16 child with group discounts available. More information and tickets are available at

Clare and Maddie x

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