It Doesn’t Happen Much

A Dad’s Weekend Off

How Do You Spend Yours

It doesn’t happen much!

When you’ve got a weekend off as a Dad what do you end up doing? It used to be a time to recover from the previous night’s alcohol intake or get ready for the match with some pre-game lunges (haha) who am I kidding!


Now I love hiking but I really don’t the time to do it much at the moment. It’s not a few hours out, it’s a full day with a bath after for recovery and then probably you can see there’s no way I could do that and be a family man. So that’s my guilty pleasure.

Spending Time with Friends

Maybe you would just spend the weekend with friends, and why not? After all, when you become parents, especially if some of them are in the same boat as you, you can find that you don’t get much downtime to just sit and chat. You may spend the majority of the time talking about your family, but at least you can enjoy the social aspect of it. If you can couple this some time with other Dad friends, you can share stories of sick children how time used to be!

Spending it with the Family Anyway!

Finally, maybe you just want to spend the time with your family. After all, we may all day dream about full night’s sleep and time away, but really when it comes to it, is that something we really want to do? Probably not.


Maybe the next time you do have some free time on the weekend you could all go away together. Invite the in-laws out for camping or alternatively, try something completely new!
I hope this has given you something to think about when it comes to using a free weekend wisely.