Our Day At Alt Studio

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As I move through my galleries as I re-build my websites I find gems that I feel compelled to share.

Not necessarily in an effort to boast, but as a way of remembering the fun we’ve had as we’ve grown older, and wiser (some say!).

As we approach our 7th year of being married (I know!), we also hit our hardest time in our lives. But I’ll speak for myself, I’m pretty happy with US.

Life is a challenge and it’s how you react to those challenges that make or break you. The ability to comprehend what’s happening, deal with it and move forward only comes from experience.

It’s important to remember where you are in life and the best way is to look back at what you’ve done.

These experiences teach you and can should act as internal support to decisions.

I’ve found they keep my compass pointing North. My family keep me grounded, give me strength when I need it and are there when I feel weak.

Who Makes You | ?

So thanks to Alt Studio all the way back to 2013. These beautiful images are a reminder of where we’ve come from in our lives, the fun we’ve had getting here. It was a unique experience and as you can see, we absolutely made the most of it!

My wife is the love of my life and it’s a happy 10 years together (back in March) and with our 7 years married in April, we’re only at the beginning of our lifelong journey.

Share the love, who makes your world? Comment below, like and share to show them how much they mean to you.