Playing Golf in Sofia

When in Rome you do what the Romans do, but what about when you’ve been working in Bulgaria for three months?


That was the dilema facing me after literally working 7 days a week non-stop for a company that was in trouble!

I was then surprised when my Boss flew in from Denver to help me recruit the final piece of the Recruitment Puzzle. The resourcer that was going to take the mantle after I left, and support the new team I’d put in place.

So after a few days of really hitting it hard in the office, having recruited up for the new accounts about to start, I was asked what I’d like to do to say thanks.

Yep play golf! Obviously I wanted to go home but I couldn’t at that time and that was the next thing I could think of.

Then he said sure, where can we play 🙂

All I can say is the rest is history. What a golf course it was too! There’s not too many good club’s around Sofia and this wasn’t cheap but OMG what an experience.

Literally no-body there, and I can imagine it would get a few ex-pats, but the course was great.

Good greens, tight fairways and kitted out for buggies. The cafe need’s a little something as the service was poor but it was cheap despite being a very expensive course.

Here’s a few pics of my great round, isn’t it beautiful situated within the Vitosha Mountains. Can I go back?