Sleeping with the Monsters

When it’s Bedtime!

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Sleeping as a child is something you do when you drop and not a moment before.

They don’t want to miss out on the excitement or fun of being around a world where they are learning every day and parents are so cool! Mega cool!

Add on to that the “Monsters” that lurk around at night and make it impossible to sleep, of course!

So what do we do as parents?

I’ve gotten a number of suggestions from my fellow dad friends, from magic monster spray to light saber battles with them. Knowing Dorothy, this will only get her super excited. “Defo no sleep!”

Dorothy’s always been an amazing sleeper. Just look at her face.

So I asked her and we made an agreement. The next time mummy wasn’t home I’d sleep in her room to keep her safe.

And that’s what we did.

On Saturday afternoon Dorothy tried to have a danger nap at 5 and I wouldn’t let her. No one’s ruining our plan not even her.

We watched Christmas films and PJ Masks (oh she loves PJ Masks), we ate popcorn, enjoyed each other’s company and then we got ready to bed. Well I say bed, my bed was a sleeping bag.

This is one of my favourites as it’s a rectangle XL bag big enough for the two of us if we go camping and it’s able to be connected to the other bag to be big enough for the whole family.

So as we both settle (I didn’t), I put on some soothing music and spoke to her about sleeping peasefully and she asked me to put my arm around her while she drifted off.

And she slept like a baby should, all the way to 6am where she woe up and asked to join me on the floor, where we snuggled until 9:30! That’s ridiculous.

Now as for me, my back wasn’t great and bloody hell it got chilly at one point in the night. The clothes on the radiator created a great barrier to my comfort.

But overall it was fine, not something I’d do every night and defo not something I’d do on a “school night” but for one night I was her hero when it was easier to just go to bed.

If I’d left, when she woke at 6am, she wouldn’t have trusted me again.

At least I have that.



Update: Things have gone back to co-sleeping after Dorothy was poorly and needed cuddles. Now we’re definitely sleeping with the monster.