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Bearded with Boys

Our Christmas Dad Feature

On the third day of Advent, the DADvent calendar brings a Bearded dad with Boys!

So from someone that’s been around a few years, it took a real sense of a need to start blogging.

What encouraged you to start blogging?

Since becoming a Dad, I realised that Dads don’t get the same support as mothers, so I started my blog to encourage Dads that they matter too and also to show that sometimes parenting sucks and we all cock it up from time to time.

We all cock it up sometimes especially around Christmas time 🙂 Talking of Christmas, are you a lover or a Grinch?

Always been a Christmas Lover but even more so now that I have children. (I still believe in Santa)

Based on your profile picture, it looks like you still work for him ssshhhh. So what’s your favourite movie?

Santa Claus: The Movie, with Dudley Moore.

An alltime classic and what a legend Dudley Moore was. So what do you want in Santa’s sack?

Just the usual stuff like spending time with family, peace on earth etc and a Sage barista express coffee machine.

With 2019 only a month away, have you made your 2019 goals already?

I’m going to focus more on my blog, start doing some collaborations, regular content etc. Hopefully do more family support work too.

We’re always open to more collaborations so I hope 2019 gives you everything you want. Family support posts are always well received.

Thanks for the interview and have a great Christmas. Be sure to check him out here: If you’re interested in taking part in our DADvent Calendar, email