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Nigel the Christmas Gift

My first featured Dad of Christmas is not only now a friend but one of the first blogger’s to give me a hand up in this busy world.

Let me introduce you to Nigel and here’s our Christmas Q&A:

Hey Nigel, tell me a bit about yourself:

I’m Nigel and I have an awarding winning daddy blog called DIY Daddy. I’m a painter and decorator, and just over 4 years ago I had an accident at work and broke my wrist. This meant that I couldn’t work for quite a while. My wife has always said that I should start a dad blog. After about a week at home, boredom had firmly set in so I started a blog and DIY Daddy was born! The rest as they say is history!

What’s your stance on Christmas, are you a lover or a hater?

This is a no-brainer! I love Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year without question. Being with my children and family is what it is all about so i’m definitely a Christmas lover.

I’m starting to love Christmas and I must say the Grinch is one of my favourites. How about yourself?

Home Alone! It’s easily still my favourite. I have lost count how many times I have watched it. I guess I always wanted to be Kevin, haha!

All you want for Christmas is ………?

Not a lot! Just to be around my family and watch my six year old twin girls open their presents on Christmas morning. That’s the magic of Christmas for me.

What does 2019 hold for you?

I have never been one to make new resolutions or plans. I tend to take it as it comes, what will be will be.

However, 2019 is going to be a little bit different for me as my health this year has not been good. As such I have decided to slow down just a little bit, both as a painter and decorator and as a blogger. Other than that I don’t have any plans.

Thanks to Nigel and if you’d like to follow his amazing blog, you’ll find a link to it here:

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Merry Christsmas