I’m Not a Corporate Dad Anymore

After Losing My Job, It’s Time to Face Up to the Fact

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I’ve made a decision that I could regret but it feels like a really good thing to do.

If you’ve been following me online, you’ll have known that I’ve been Corporate Dad for over two and a half years now. Enjoying writing about life as a dad, days out and work/business.

Unfortunately, I’ve been made redundant just before Christmas and had time to reflect on myself and my family life.

I’ve come up with the fact that I don’t like being called a Corporate Dad. It means long days, time away from home and that’s not the parenting I want for my children.

Four Seasons Dad, is a site I created because it was the kind of dad I wanted to be. A dad that is there 24/7, having fun and adventures whenever possible, wherever possible come rain or shine.

That’s why today I announce, that Four Seasons Dad will be my main blog and I’ll be changing all of my social media accounts to Four Seasons Dad ones.

I may live to regret this from my readers, social media followers and clients that I’ve worked with. However, if you don’t love how you write how can readers love writing it.

Thanks for supporting me and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. I hope you keep with me, supporting my desire to be the best parent I can be.