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Preparing my Body and Soul

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Preparing myself for the Macmillan Mighty Hike around Ullswater in July (26 miles), I decided to put my boots on and push myself for the first real hiking experience of the year.

No kids on this one just lots of sweat, tears and broken pain barriers. And that’s exactly what I got hiking through the most difficult terrain ever.

Following on from last year’s coast to coast, Joe and his partner Emily joined me and none of us fully expected what we got on the day:

  • A climb up a makeshift waterfall
  • Climbing over icey rocks for an hour up to the summit
  • Taking nearly 7 hours to walk 10 miles

But it was absolutely amazing, we really got to see the best that the Peak district had to offer and with snow covered peaks it looked stunning! Just look at the pictures below.



  • Our route starting at Coopers Campsite (Fieldhead) took us directly past Edale up Grindsbrook Booth and along Grindsbrook. I can imagine in the summer this walk is amazing however it was more like a river with ice.
  • Looking up into the clouds we couldn’t even see the summit. Just the type of adventure we wanted and as you can see from my face I was well looking forward to it.
  • Looking up into the clouds we couldn’t even see the summit. Just the type of adventure we wanted and as you can see from my face I was well looking forward to it.
  • We don’t have any pictures of the ascent near Grinsbrook Clough as we were all ensuring a safe climb up what was a very slippery, compacted snow covered rock fall but by god when we got to the top it was worth it! Looking back we should have worn micro spikes and luckily crampons weren’t needed but in all seriousness, winter safety is vital. Clothing wise we had everything for every situation but unfortunately we didn’t think about adding anything to our boots.
  • These are the only two pictures I have from when we reached the tops as the wind chill was about minus 5 and there was snow everywhere. I was more interested in keeping myself warm and face covered first.

  • Here’s where we messed up. Not following the GPS properly through lack of visibility we ended up walking over Broadlee Bank Tor which we though was Grindslow Knoll and ended up well off route.
  • It was a route covered in snow and most of it was knee deep and in lanes where the water had frozen coming down the mountain. Too wide to jump across we had to really struggle through. Big steps, knees high and lots of falls and laughs of course. After finally reaching Kinder Scout it was a walk down Jacob’s ladder which was covered in compacted snow and ice which meant a slow decent with more falls.
  • The sun was starting to set which was ok as I had head torches but we stopped for a moment to really take in the surroundings in their agonising beauty. What was meant to be a 3-4 hour walk turned into nearly 7.
  • But it was all worthwhile to share our adventure and the route below for anyone else looking to explore Edale and the surrounding amazing walks.

All I would suggest is preparing for any potential situation. We had full kit and it could have been a very different story as there was no way we could have climbed down the way we came. 

Great boots, full base, thermal and waterproof layers, gloves and hat as well as enough water. We probably should have taken more food than 1 flapjack looking back but at a nearly 4000 calorie burn, a Big Mac was on the cards.

Hope you love the pictures as much as I loved the walk. My legs are still like jelly two days later but it was all worth it. Same time next week 🙂

Feel free to connect with me on Garmin or use the route below.

Edale, Kinder Scout 10 Mile Loop GPX