As a busy Dad, I need to plan as much as possible and if I don’t, we’ll end up doing the same monotonous Dad adventures 🙂

So here’s my planned list for the Spring which hopefully I’ll be covering in images and posts throughout the next 12 months and beyond.

If you’d like to add any, add the, in the comments below:

  • Start gardening and plant vegetables.
  • Teach the girls about self sustainable eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Build a birdhouse and insect houses.
  • Start playing tennis
  • Go and fly kites
  • Trips to the farm especially lambing season
  • Lots of walks through the park spotting daffodils and new flowers
  • Early season fruit picking
  • Bubble blowing and creating rainbow foam
  • Lots of nature walks
  • Picnics in the Park
  • Visit museums on a rainy day
  • Take a trip to London
  • Mud Sliding
  • Try to visit a local sports team or football match.
  • On a clear night go stargazing
  • Teach Dorothy how to ride her balance bike.
  • Search for wood with bluebells and cherry blossoms
  • Lots of puddle splashing
  • First family camp
  • Go on an adventure and read books
  • Valentine’s Day Creations
  • St Patrick’s Day Creations
  • Easter Creations